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The TARGET-strategy

Your 6-step plan that helps you
take control of side effects

Apply the TARGET-method. Optimize your side effect strategies. Grow your success in cancer medication.

Side effects eliminated out of the world…

Side effects eliminated out of the world…

  1. 1 in the 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer
  2. ~42% of cancer patients will be treated with a targeted therapy
  3. ~38% of patients cannot complete their treatment as planned due to persistent side effects

Patients report  feeling distraught   they don’t have effective solutions for their side effects, which jeopardizes the ability to maintain their treatments AND decrease their chances to survive

How it Works



Apply the TARGET-method on side effects of targeted anticancer therapy. 



Optimize your side effect strategies &.
Get serious results within 48 hours.



Grow your success in cancer medication and enable full dose on time.
The 6-step side effect management blueprint

The TARGET-strategy helps you control the side effects of cancer medication

  • For patients, healthcare professionals & pharma
  • Proven scientific approach
  • Within 48 hours result (98% guaranty)

The TARGET-strategy

The TARGET System Book

Read the Book

Get the book that helps you take control of side effects:

- Master the 6 TARGET-steps
- Learn Why to Hit Hard, Early & Short
- Get Serious Results!

The TARGET System e-Course

Take the eCourse

Pay attention to crucial steps

The eCourse that teaches you
 how you can eliminate side effects
 within 48 hours

The TARGET app - held in hand

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 The app that will help to
monitor & treat side effects
of targeted anticancer therapy