The 6-step TARGET-method is a step-by-step guide to master side effects effectively &

becoming successful in avoiding unnecessary treatment adjustments.

Where do you start?


From labeling the side effect till the treatment of the side effect: you can walk through the entire process by yourself and this way, for most of the side effects – especially when approached at an early stage - you can control side effects without prescription drugs.



Step 1: Term: Institute adverse event subtypes.

Step 2: Assess: Assessing signs and symptoms of the adverse event and the impact of an adverse event for a particular patient is crucial to identify the intervention direction.

Step 3: Report: Reporting of characteristics of the adverse event subtype tells in detail where to look for an appropriate intervention.

Step 4: Grade: There are much better grading tools available than the CTCAE which will guide you to the best treatment option for a particular adverse event subtype.

Step 5: Evaluate: If you are on the right path with your measures or if you are approaching the wrong target will become clear in the 5th step.

Step 5: Treat: Tackling adverse events becomes the easiest step in adverse event management, when you have applied the previous steps.

Why you need a fire extinguisher to be able to manage side effects effectively

Fire Extinguisher

Let me ask you something: 

Why do you need a fire extinguisher to be able to manage side effects effectively?

Because you need it for the HHES-approach.

The HHES-approach is part of step 6.

Not a real fire extinguisher of course, but something that has the same mode of action.

Where do you start?
Dr. Haslbauer, MD   Medical Oncologist, Austria

Christine´s HHES method (Hit Hard, Early & Short) Emphasized on correct dosing of different corticosteroids, their equivalence dosages, as well as their anti-inflammatory properties and necessary duration of treatment.

A real eye opener!

Dr. Haslbauer, MD

Medical Oncologist, Austria

Where do you start?

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