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Stop Side Effects - self-management app in hand
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The TARGET System - in patient-driven app
From labeling the adverse event till the treatment of the side effect: 

patients can walk through the entire process by themselves.
This way, for most of the side effects – especially when approached at an early stage - patients can stay independent from their treatment team.


Help me realize the TARGET-App 

Help me realize the TARGET-App that will manage side effects due to cancer medication within 48 hours, so cancer treatment adjustments are no longer needed – invest in my bonds

Investing in my bonds
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  • With your investment, you help actively revolutionize the treatment of side effects due to targeted cancer therapy
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Dr. Christine Boers-Doets, the Side Effects Doctor

The app that will help
 MONITOR & TREAT side effects

The TARGET-app will be the most complete app available to help conquer side effects of cancer medication. The app will make the lives of both patients and medical professionals easier. Patients will get and keep more control over their treatment. With the app they can easily determine by themselves which side effect they are facing and treat them accordingly. In most cases they can manage them with over the counter drugs that will alleviate their complaints within 12 hours and get the side effects in control within 48 hours. Is a prescription drug needed? Then the patient can provide the given advice to his physician.

I have 3 decennia of experience in treating side effects and am familiar with nearly all aspects of side effects due to targeted cancer therapy. Both as a researcher and as an author, trainer, and public speaker. When cancer treatment has to be stopped or modified because of side effects, it has a massive impact on the patients, but also their treatment team. This NEEDS to be changed. This CAN be changed. With help of the TARGET-app. Will you help me realize it?

With my TARGET-method it is easy to determine which side effect you are exactly facing, where and how severe the patient the reactions experiences, and how they can be treated. Ten thousands medical professionals already use the TARGET System with help of my book or my masterclasses. Now, I want to support these with an app.

The app will contain 150 possible side effects of targeted anticancer therapy. Patients can go through the steps by themselves and treat their side effects on their own or consult their physician when prescription drugs are needed. Medical professionals can use the app too, so they can quickly and effectively find the best treatment option without the need to study the book or watch the training videos.

The side effect information needed for the app is available, but funds are needed to translate and edit the text, so they become suitable for the app. And of course, the app needs to be built. To raise funds, I am issuing bonds. 

Sirtex - Innovation partner of the TARGET-app

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